Locally Sourced Creative Juices

Building your city and community doesn’t just come down to supporting your local sports team, or more literally building your city. It comes comes down to supporting everything local. Buying from locally sourced stores, markets, shops, and studios, we can help add capital and grow our communities and local economy. this is in addition to in being environmentally friendly.

All of your favorite foods and products have to be transported from somewhere. The closer that food or product is, the less energy it takes to get it to your door and into your home. So how do we fix this? Buy local! The Organic Box is a local company that is a great example of this. Instead of going out and buying from your local organic market, The Organic Box brings the organic, locally sourced food to you. The Organic box gets most of its food from Northern Alberta and BC. Delivery charges can be as low as five bucks with boxes starting at just under fifty. 

Local design has a part to play in all of this as well. As industrial and graphic designers serving markets in Edmonton, we get the opportunity to meet some of the amazing faces behind these local companies. Sometimes we’re even lucky enough to get the chance to work with them in developing their ideas into some stellar local products. One thing that always amazes us is the amount of products that are actually made in Edmonton. Just take a short drive around any one of the many industrial parks in the city and surrounding area. Edmonton is a bit of a dream come true for us industrial designers when we are seeking out help manufacture some of our wild ideas for clients or for our own product lines. 

If you want to learn more about your local design community, and pick up some locally manufactured products in the process, check out Tête JauneVignettesMADE events, as well as any of the  GDC and ACE events. So get out there and learn a little bit about the locally made products in our city that help make it such a great place to live.