We started out with the task of building a pavilion for the 2015 Edmonton Ignite Festival. What we ended up with was a simple, yet visually vibrant flat packing wall system that goes together without the use of fasteners. 


The inspiration behind the design was the technology based concepts of mass replication and self-assembly. A single component is duplicated nearly a thousand times, and then assembled into a structure by way of the interlocking geometries of its shape. 


Ignite Edmonton is a new initiative from Edmonton Economic Development Council (EEDC), aimed at fostering entrepreneurship, innovation, and creativity in our city. This year for their annual festival, Edmonton Ignite placed an open call for the design and fabrication of architectural pavilions in which to host the workshops, labs, and keynote speakers. We were honored to be one of six groups selected to execute our proposed concept. 

The brief was challenging, as each pavilion had to occupy a large 40' x 40' footprint with a fairly limited budget. The structures had to be set-up and taken down within a day, yet still be structurally sound. Also, as the pavilions were all situated within a single large hall in the Shaw Conference Centre, sound insulation had to be carefully considered. 



Prior to our final submission, we went through a rigorous creative concept development process. Our ideas ranged from large, faceted, monolithic structures, to a wall system made completely of inflatable balls. After creating scale models of several of the concepts, we determined that the flat-packing interlock concept was the strongest. Using our CNC mill, we produced just under a thousand panels out of OSB board, which we then painted blue. In order to facilitate presentations by the keynote speakers in our pavilion, we built an integrated, dual projection screen mounted to the wall system on either side of our triangular stage. 


Looking beyond temporary pavilions, the wall system that we designed could have many other applications: wall partitions in offices, decorative walls for shop interiors, temporary stage backdrops, etc. The simplicity of the design allows for different materials such as Corian or maple plywood to be used allowing endless colour and texture options.The sky is the limit as to the spaces Interlock could be used in.  


Do you have a need for a beautiful, simple to assemble, rock solid wall? Our interlocking system might be exactly what you are looking for.