Scorpion TrailRider - Mobility Device

Carbon Tubing|3D Printed Lugs

The Scorpion TrailRider was a conceptual re-design of a product developed to allow people with limited mobility to enjoy the great outdoors. The device is maneuvered by two able-bodied individuals, referred to as “Sherpas,” who guide the TrailRider into areas of wilderness that were previously un-accessible for individuals with limited mobility. The TrailRider brings together people with disabilities and able bodied individuals in a mutually rewarding recreational experience with a love of hiking and nature as a middle ground.  

Research for the project was completed through collaboration with the AALS (Alberta Abilities Lodges Society). Currently, the AALS provides several TrailRiders, free of charge, to individuals to use on excursions. The AALS also organizes its own excursions in which individuals with mobility issuers gather, creating a sense of community through recreation. 

The Scorpion TrailRider concept aims to enhance the experience for both the Sherpas and the rider. Through research and field observations, it was determined that improvements could be made in the areas of: ergonomics, material considerations, user experience, maneuverability, customization, education, and portability.