Our iterative and research-driven process develops new perspectives to solve problems and shake up industries.


Here is how our skills can benefit your business.


Design research ensures the development of a carefully conceived product; one that addresses the needs and wants of the target market and increases potential for success. We make use of a variety of research methods tailored to investigate your concept and empathize with users, identifying key problem areas and opportunities for innovation.

•   Market Analysis + Competitor Product Survey 

•   Persona Development + Storyboarding

•   Stakeholder Maps

•   Ergonomic Studies


The key to an efficient workflow is to clarify direction early, ensuring that future investment in concept development and manufacturing does not go to waste. Through an iterative design process, we validate assumptions to reinforce confidence in good ideas and to discount the bad ones. This allows us to rapidly implement changes into successive prototypes to formulate a final design direction.

•   Sketch Modeling + Rapid Prototyping

•   In-house 3D Printing of Concepts

•   Ergonomic Testing of Prototypes

•   Error Analysis of Concepts

Concept Development

A significant portion of development occurs within a digital space where conclusions established through research and testing are used to realize a concept. Using Computer-Aided-Design Software we develop accurate and detailed models, transforming your ideas into manufacturable products.

•   Design for Manufacturing

•   Surface Modelling using Fusion 360 + Rhino CAD

•   Photo-realistic Renderings + Drafting


At onetwosix we look to develop a deeper understanding of our clients so we can effectively translate your story into engaging branding. We generate well-defined visual concepts to elevate your product or service by clearly communicating your message and forming an emotional connection with your audience.

•  Visual Identity System

•  Website Design

•  Photography + Videography

Experience Design

Sometimes our design goals are intangible, aiming to produce a lasting impression rather than a physical product. In designing the process of interacting with a space, interface, service or object we take a human-centered approach. We start by understanding the people who interact with our designs and look to address their needs and emotions. The result is an elevated experience through the creation of an enjoyable and memorable interaction.

•   Wayfinding

•   Packaging Design

•   Interface Design

•   Exhibit Design


As industrial designers, we push the boundaries of "what can be" while maintaining a firm grasp on the technological and economic constraints of reality. Our ability to communicate design for manufacture paired with extensive in-house production capabilities and continued collaboration with manufacturers means we excel at producing both prototypes and finished products. From individual custom creations and small batch runs through to local and international mass manufacture - onetwosix can work with you to bring your concept to life.

•   Collaborating with Manufactures 

•   In house 5-axis and 3-axis CNCs

•   Fully equipped shop for Wood, Metal, and Plastic Production

•   Small Batch Production

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