We are strong advocates of the idea that design can used as a tool for bringing people and ideas together. When we were approached by Sustainable Food Edmonton, it was our opportunity to work with an organization that believes in building community as much as we do. 


Sustainable Food Edmonton is a not-for-profit organization who initiates and supports projects and programs to encourage the building of community through urban agriculture. They connect communities and kids with their food, how it's produced, and the planet that makes it all possible. 


When it comes to visual communication and brand identity, we take a holistic approach to the design process. What this means is that before we even pick up a pencil to start sketching a logo, we conduct in depth research and analysis into the heart and soul of the organization. The result of this process is a much more sustainable, long lasting identity that is far more genuine than just a pretty logo. 

By working with a committee established by SFE, we started by developing a logo that spoke to the core values of the organization. We initially presented ten very different logo options. Then through a process of elimination, we were able to narrow the focus down to just one: the wheelbarrow. The wheelbarrow spoke to the ideals of hard work, determination, and building something. It's also the same tool that is used for hauling the first load of dirt as collecting the last batch of apples come harvest time. This resonated with the organization, as their focus is not just on one area of food production, but on urban agriculture as a whole.


We began working on re-designing SFE's website by analyzing their current one. We determined several areas for improvement: establishing a hierarchy of information, emphasizing the organizations vision statement, engaging visitors by using rich imagery and reducing the amount of text, and clearly identifying different ways people can get involved. The result is a clean, simple, straightforward website that is both easy for visitors to navigate and for the staff of SFE to maintain going forward.  

Besides re-designing the new website and updating all of the social media, we also designed a complete set of stationary for SFE to communicate a consistent brand identity from digital all the way through to print. This included business cards, letterhead, posters, banners, stickers, and postcards, all dawning their fresh new visual identity. The project was completed just prior to Sustainable Food Edmonton's yearly Harvest Reception, and we used that opportunity to launch their new identity to the general public.

By taking a holistic approach to the design of the new visual identity for SFE, and by working closely with the organization to understand their history, current needs, and vision for the future, we were able to design a sustainable visual identity that will help distinguish the organization as a leader in urban agriculture for years to come.    


We believe in a holistic approach to design. From initial concept to brand identity and website, we have you covered. Give us a shout, and we'll explain how our services can help set your organization apart.

For more information about Sustainable Food Edmonton and how you can get involved, visit www.sustainablefoodedmonton.org