A few heavy hitters in the start up community have put together a pretty nifty machine called the Glowforge 3D laser printer. We're pretty amped about it, and are thinking about jumping on the pre-order bandwagon (only 7 days left for a 50% discount!) Essentially it is a small laser cutter on steroids; the bed size on the standard model is still 12"x 20"on the base model. The degree of precision that they claim is very impressive. It also includes features such as: 3D autofocus (allowing you to cut curved, uneven, or irregular material),  a precision preview (shows the material realtime, allowing you to quickly and easily adjust the cut location prior to cutting), and design with just a pen (which apparently means that the camera can interpret a drawing, with your pen, made directly on the material and cut right from that). If that isn't enough, you can upgrade to a pro version which includes a stronger laser, and a few other technical features such as a material pass through so you can cut essentially any length material. Can I hear a whoop whoop for that pass through!?