Inspired by a uniquely blue collar aesthetic, Vermont is an "in your face" coat rack that doesn't go unnoticed.  


Using only the most basic tools, each coat rack is hand sculpted into it's final form. There is nothing quite like an original, one-of-a-kind piece of furniture. 


The concept behind the Vermont Coat Rack was to get back to basics, and explore materials using only the most basic of hand tools. The goal of the project was to try and design a product that embodied the rugged, hard working, blue collar aesthetics of the foothills. The materials used for the Vermont coat rack were all found in a scrap yard. It is composed of a cedar fence post, railroad spikes, and railroad ties.

The coat racks are carved, assembled, and beaten into shape using only a machete, a hammer, and sandpaper. Limiting the production of each coat rack to rudimentary, allows for an exploration into the material qualities of cedar, resulting in each finished product being completely original.   



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