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Loop Phonebooths

Loop Phone Booths

The Loop Phonebooth solves an unmet need in the market for a quality, plug and play solution to reduce distractions and improve the work environment of open concept offices. We designed and manufacture the Loop Phone Booth in house as our flagship product to service this market.

Edmonton Mosaic Center

Mosaic Centre

Located in the Edmonton, the Mosaic Centre is the farthest north net-zero commercial building on planet earth. Like many new offices, the building is based on large open spaces with very few walls creating a great team building and collaborative environment. However, the Mosaic Family of Companies recognized that there were still times where privacy was needed, and approached us to design a solution.



Initially, we proposed two different concepts: a series of built in booths with folding doors, and booths that were completely self contained and could be moved around the office if necessary. The aesthetic and function of the concepts was taken from the playful, outgoing context that exists in the Mosaic Centre. It was decided that the self-contained booth was a better fit, so we began prototyping and refining the design.

loop sketches 2
Built In Render.315
Standalone Booth Render Cutaway.321

Final Product

We built two mock-up prototypes and one fully functional prototype that was tested in the office space over a period of several months. After we gathered results from the test and client feedback, we made a final round of design improvements prior to moving into production. The features of the final booth include: magnetic door closure with a rubber gasket for improved sound proofing, interior sound-dampened wall panel, a pressure sensitive switch which controls a small internal fan for airflow and a LED light, integrated seat, desk with standard electrical plug, and a whiteboard. The exterior of the booth is a maple veneer, while the interior is laminate. We are now producing the phone booths on a made-to-order basis, which allows us to offer a great deal of customization to clients. This includes a variety of interior and exterior finishes, upholstery, as well as colour combinations to suit any interior. 

Loop Solo
Loop Cube

The Loop team worked with our keen staff to create a phone booth that fit the aesthetic of our space. We liked our first one so much that we ordered and installed a second one for our office.

- Brandy Burdeniuk, Founder, Ecoammo



The Loop Phone Booth is designed and manufactured in Edmonton and shipped across North America, if you would like to learn more, check out our website in the link below.

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