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Developing a brand as whimsical as its writing style

The Write Cheese

The Write Cheese

At The Write Cheese they are more than copywriters, they are storytellers wielding the power of language to communicate on behalf of their clients. Need website content, blogging, social media, business docs, copywriting, research, or fiction? The Write Cheese can do it all, and do it in an enjoyable and memorable style. All told they are deft in their writing, and when we were approached to develop their branding we wanted to be equally effective in telling their story through a visual identity.

cheese on wood

The Cheese


The Write Cheese has an abundance of character and it seeps into every sentence they craft. This quality makes them fun, approachable, and it sets them apart from the competition; it is a quality we wanted to shine through in their branding. The unique name, writing style, and feel of The Write Cheese were taken into consideration when developing guidelines to create a modern and uniquely "cheesy" aesthetic that would emphasize their expertise and not overpower their writing.

WED_9324 long
Mockups Design
Mockups Design
Mockups Design
2nd Revision
Mockups Design


We went through various revisions in order to nail the  balance between the serious and the whimsical, The Write Cheese identity needed a professional yet malleable feel and a palette of colours that emphasize the flourishes that make them unique.

Mockups Design
Mockups Design
Logo work-08
Logo work-10
Logo work-09

Keep it light, in spite of the seriousness of it all.

-The Write Cheese

A Brand Inspired by Writing

The final design played with various ideas related to writing and the name of the brand. These included cursive type to imply the act of writing, a computer mouse to imply a digital platform as a medium, and lastly a circular form to relate back to the unique name of The Write Cheese. When making the logo, we also wanted to have smooth strokes with varying line weights  so that patterns or designs could be extracted and made into larger graphics. We wanted to stray away from a bold loud brand, as a whimsical feel has a more spacious and breathable nature to it.  Overall, we've given The Write Cheese the tools to excel as a brand graphically.

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