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Emily Batty

Introducing Zone4

Founded in 2001 by the Canadian Olympic cross country skier Dan Roycroft, Zone4 was created with the intention of improving an athletes racing experience by revolutionizing the industry of race timing. Specifically by reducing the wait times for an athletes' results from hours to just a few minutes. Zone4 approached onetwosix to help create a product which would not only encapsulate the feel and functionality of their cutting edge gear, but also represent the zone4 brand.


Understanding the problem

We worked closely with the Zone4 team to understand their drive to improve race timing and to determine key traits they were looking for in the redesign. The product needed to be durable and easily attached to participants, waterproof for use in aquatic sports, and most importantly it had to be light and ergonomic, reducing any burden on athletes. A modern and professional aesthetic was also important to Zone4, highlighting the value of the product and of race timing as a whole.


In the middle of the pack

We went through various approaches to create the GoChip's housing. The shape of the initial chip presented difficulties in our ability to cut weight and reduce size, while still having a working mechanism. Through a combination of 3D CAD modelling and iterating the concepts on our 3D printer, we ended up altering the shape and material of the original chip while also designing the housing - reducing the weight of the GoChip by 30% and optimizing the final design for injection molding.


In the world of pro racing where every a second counts, accurate timing is everything.

Zone 4

The final lap

Since the success of the GoChip, we have continued to partner with Zone4 on new products such as timers for motor sports and wireless circuit activators. We've also collaborated with them in solidifying their brand and through the development of visuals. With that, Zone4 had the products and visual assets allowing them to stand out and exceed in their market.


We won't stop till we've achieved perfection.

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