In the world of pro ski circuits where fractions of a second count, weight reduction is everything.

Zone4 provides race timing solutions to athletes around the world. We collaborated with them to redesign their GoChip ski race housing to reduce weight without compromising the strength of the enclosure. 


Through a combination of 3D CAD modelling and rapidly iterating the concepts on our 3D printer, we reduced the weight of the GoChip by 30%.


Zone4 came to us with a set of 2D drawings and an outdated enclosure that needed some serious improvements. We interpreted their drawings and created a new design using 3D CAD modelling software. The original goal of the project was to reduce weight while still ensuring that the enclosure was both very durable and water tight. 

We rapidly iterated the GoChip enclosure design using our in house 3D printer and optimized the final design for injection molding. Since the success of the GoChip, we have continued to collaborate with Zone4 on new products such as timers for motor sports and wireless circuit activators. 


Great products are the perfect balance of aesthetics and function.

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